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  • Hip Glyphs Collection
  • Hip Glyphs Collection
  • Hip Glyphs Collection
  • Hip Glyphs Collection
  • Hip Glyphs Collection
  • Hip Glyphs Collection
  • Hip Glyphs Collection
  • Hip Glyphs Collection
  • Hip Glyphs Collection
  • Hip Glyphs Collection

Spirit Tats

Hip Glyphs Collection

$ 22.99


Burning Man Special - Buy ANY TWO get ONE FREE AT CHECKOUT!

Over 10,000 Tattoos Sold!
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- FOUR FILLED PAGES - 100+ Metallic Tattoos Per Pack!
- UNIQUE DESIGNS - Tats you won't see Anywhere else!
- MANIFESTATION TATS - Set an Intention with each application!
- LASTS UP TO A WEEK! - Higher quality lasts longer!



Metallic Tats, meaningfully designed for the Hip Glyph loving, artistic spirit. This collection includes geometric shapes, musical symbols, artist focused designs and a bit of humor.  Perfect gifts for any age.  Hipsters and Artists, set your intention, apply, and enjoy!

Your Spirit:

This collection is inspired by the modern Renaissance man and woman.  As some of the great thinkers of our time, you excel intellectually, artistically, socially, and physically.  You are limitless in your capacity for development because you embrace all knowledge as you seek to cultivate yourself.  By embodying evolution, you may do all things if you choose. Creative pursuits, such as painting, playing musical instruments or DJing, photography, working in film, or fashion have an undeniable pull to you.  You are able, more readily than some, to connect to the whisper and inspiration of the cosmic energy that surrounds us.  You can find a muse in a friend, passerby, or by simply observing the world around you.

Hip Glyphs Personal Affirmation:

I am a creative being
I express my unique perspective
I manifest inspiration through musing
I share my art wherever I go
I choose appreciation for life's beauty


- Resealable 6"x 8.7" envelope to safely store your tats.
- Four themed tattoo sheets per collection.
- 8.25"x 5.5" of designed tat space.
- More tats per page than other brands!
- Safe, Non-toxic, & FDA Compliant.
- Tats last up to a week with avoidance of oils & abrasion.
- Soft on the skin and comfortable to wear.
- Don't apply to very sensitive skin, on eyes, or lips. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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