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  • Divine Glamour Mask
  • Divine Glamour Mask
  • Divine Glamour Mask
  • Divine Glamour Mask
  • Divine Glamour Mask
  • Divine Glamour Mask

Spirit Tats

Divine Glamour Mask

$ 12.50


Vinyl Reusable Face Tatting, meaningfully procured for the Beautiful Spirit.  This package includes one reusable facial mask. Beauties, set your intentions, apply, reapply and enjoy!

Your Spirit:
You embody the divine feminine and express true beauty. Those in your presence feel loved and nurtured within the peaceful energy you radiate. Your beauty is experience with all six senses and cherished by those close to you.

Divine Personal Affirmation:
I am divine
I manifest adoration

Glamour Masks are easy to apply!  Remove mask from packaging.  Separate clear plastic backing from mask with your fingernail and peel it away gently from vinyl.  Hold mask in front of your closed eyelid, and position the mask above the crease for comfort.  Starting with inner corner, gently press mask onto eyelid. With placement above the crease, on the upper section of the eyelid, the mask will feel comfortable when your eyes are open. Open your eyes, and revel in the beauty you see in the mirror!   

- Resealable 5.25" x 2.75" envelope to safely store your Glamour Mask.
- One Glamour Mask per package.
- Each eye applique in this set is 2.2” wide.
- Safe, Non-toxic, & FDA Compliant.
- Soft on the skin and comfortable to wear.
- Reuse with original adhesive, and use additional eyelash glue when necessary.
- Glamour Masks can be worn on top of eye makeup.

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