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Spirit Tats are metallic temporary tattoos that you wear to adorn yourself, embody your truth, and manifest your desires. They are beautiful tools to help you create positive change in your life and unite you with your spiritual tribe.

Every dream starts with the creative power of INTENTION.  As you choose a Spirit Tats design to wear and position it on your skin, clearly state what you would like to manifest in your life at this time.  Whether you set an intention or goal for spiritual awakening, success, relationships or gratitude, stating your desire is the first step to attainment.

While applying your Spirit Tats, take a moment to recite an AFFIRMATION and declare your truth.  This is a positive statement you can repeat to impress upon your subconscious mind as well as the energies that connect us all, and help bring this intention into reality.  You may repeat your affirmation as often as you like while wearing your Spirit Tats to hold the vision of your intention.

Write your own affirmation or try one of ours:

I am grateful
I express my spirit
I manifest my reality
I share my magic wherever I go
I choose love



The inspiration for Spirit Tats metallic temporary tattoos came from the many amazing friends and characters I know in Venice Beach California.

The Venice Tribe is full of creative individuals with incredible talent, seekers of spiritual growth and passionate lovers of our Mother Earth. They are artists, musicians, dancers, yogis, designers, cinematographers, activists and healers.

They are some of the modern Renaissance men and women of our age. These passionate folks take the risk to follow their dreams. Each and every one of them is doing what they love even though it may sometimes be difficult and not so glamorous.

Living within the energy of the Venice Tribe is incredibly contagious. It inspired me to follow my own gut intuitions and create something that celebrates us, our way of life and this philosophy that sets our souls free.

Venice Tribe, I love you! This is for YOU!

Angela- Founder Spirit Tats








Creating Spirit Tats is my own attempt to help you create positive change in your life and unite us together as one large spiritual tribe.

Spirit Tats are designed to help you:
  • Invoke a purposeful moment in your day. Practice, then WEAR YOUR MANIFESTATION
  • Connect to the Spirit Tribe
  • Ceremonialize adornment and celebrate life
  • Add purpose, direction and gratitude to your day
  • Heal wounds and build determination to overcome challenges
  • Formalize desire with prayer and intention
  • Practice proclaiming and then achieving life goals
  • Use and understand the power of the Law of Attraction or manifestation.
  • Utilize the energy that bonds all things and realize it can be harnessed through practice
  • Develop a sixth sense, listen to intuition and become more aware of subtle energies
  • Connect to the unique gifts we each have and discover our destined path that is a service to the collective
  • Do your part in healing the world through a destined, unique offering and heal yourself by finding it
  • Do what you love and be who you are meant to be

When we discover our passions, follow our intuitions and align with our gifts for the benefit of the collective, the universe conspires to support us. If we all turned our focus and efforts toward making a difference in the lives of others, the world would surely change and improve quickly.

Perhaps these are grandiose ideas and desires for a humble little metallic temporary tattoo company, but why not DREAM and share the inspiration, intention and manifestation with YOU ALL!?  The more of you that hear the message and agree, the more energy and power this dream has.

Thank YOU for being a part of it!


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