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Are Spirit Tats waterproof?

    Yes, feel free to swim or bathe as usual.  Just avoid any oily products to prolong the wear of your Spirit Tat to up to a full week!   With that said, the more your tats are washed or rubbed the faster the shine may dull.  Tats linger longer on areas of skin with low abrasion, little to no hair and less natural oil or perspiration.

      How long will my Spirit Tats last?

        Spirit Tats can last up to a week or more with proper care and placement!  The duration is usually four to six days depending on the area and conditions.

          Where can I find instructions on how to apply Spirit Tats?

            The unique method in which to apply your Spirit Tats is on the back of your collection envelope.  In case your Spirit Tats were a gift, or you no longer have your envelope you can find the Spirit Tats purposeful application instructions here.

              Do you have any additional tips for best application and longest wear?

              Yes, check it out!
                • First, avoid putting oil or oily products ( including some silicone based make-up/highlighters) on skin, as the tats will not adhere.  Make sure skin is clean and dry.  Avoid areas with a lot of hair.
                • Cut our the designs closely to be able to place exactly where you desire more easily.  Trim edges around certain points so you know how to line up your tat. definitely practice placement with design side out while the plastic cover is still on, to experiment and find the best look. 
                • When you're ready to place, put the design side down and practice again with placement, bending the paper around any curves for a great fit.
                • Don't forget to remove the plastic cover before applying water!!
                • We like using a washcloth best, but any soaked wet cloth, sponge, or paper towel will do.  Just be sure to gently pat the tattoo with water.  What's most important is not to use too much force, as this can cause the tat to shift or slide.
                • Say your affirmation 3 times or just set an intention for about 20-30 seconds.  Then lift one corner of the tat to make sure the adhesive has transferred, then slowly peel back the paper layer and dispose of properly in trash or recycling. (It's easy to litter little cut tat paper pieces, especially at a festival.  Be prepared and bring a little plastic bag for tat trash.  Don't litter!  Leave No Trace!)
                • Once again gently pat the tattoo with the wet cloth to remove any extra adhesive, as well as to help set the tat to the skin.
                • Try not to twist or move the tatted area too much in the first 5 minutes to allow it to properly set.
                • You will see tiny cracks develop in your tattoo soon after you apply it.  That's great, this is how the tat becomes super soft and comfortable on your skin!

                What's the best way to remove a tat if I need to?

                  If you need to remove your tat before it naturally degrades, you can use extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil to remove it, but we have found that a oil based waterproof mascara/ eye-makeup remover works even better!  We like Almay's oil based make-up remover pads or oil, but there are probably many that work well.

                    Are they safe for the skin and on children?

                      They are! Spirit Tats are certified non-toxic and safe for skin, in accordance with U.S. cosmetic regulations. Do not apply to very sensitive skin/areas, or on lips. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Adhesives may not be suitable for children under 3.

                          I forgot to take the clear sheet off the tattoo and tried to apply it. Now the tat is stuck to the clear sheet. Can I still use it?

                            No, unfortunately the tat cannot be salvaged as the adhesive has now been transferred. Just relax and learn a lesson for the next tat.  Without many small failures there would be no great successes!

                              Some of the designs are close together.  How can I avoid cutting into them?

                                Spirit Tat designs are fully loaded on each sheet.  We designed them this way to offer you added value- more tats per page!  We've found that with a good pair of scissors and a certain technique, we never accidentally cut tats.  Just keep the scissors somewhat open at all times, don't ever close them completely, and move the paper around the blade as you wish, instead of the other way around.  If you do end up snipping into a tat, you can still use it with careful placement.  You probably wont even be able to tell!

                                  Can I put Spirit Tats on my nails?

                                    Yes, you can put the designs directly on the nails or on dry nail polish.  Tats tend not to stay as long in high abrasion areas like hands, FYI, but a careful coat of non-quick drying clear polish can extend wear.  Dab coat on quickly, avoid slowly dragging the nail polish brush over the tat to avoid movement.


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